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It's Colorado 2010-11. Weed is legal Colorado and everyone is SMOKING.

I get a phone call and my entire world changes. 

My family calls me and tell me my favorite uncle has now been diagnosed with Parkinson disease.

This was a shock to me because he was the family member who knew all about weed back in my home country. Now my mom is telling me he is now extremely limited and no-one stays with him. 

My family asked if I could do something because of my work in the military. I served as an electronics engineer for Israeli Armed Forces, and at the time I was working for A.I. software firm. 

Back in 2011, the only grinders that was on the market were manual grinders. Everything require some labor and I knew my uncle would need someone to help him. Editable weren't in existence and bongs and pipes were out of the picture. After months of research I took it upon myself to invent a one of kind device that allowed my uncle to grind his cannabis with ease and without anyones help.

Enter the Pocket-Grinder

My uncle was not only able to use it but pocket size design allowed him and carry it with him giving him to the confidence to "Do normal daily activities" this rededicated my entire life’s purpose to creating smart cannabis accessories like this for my uncle and similar patents experiences the same tribulation around the globe. 

Years in the Making 

The ergonomic design of Pocket-Grinder works in collaboration the with medical research done by the C.D.C. and

In the articles they mention patents who have (MSD) diagnosis are severely limited to normal everyday activity. 

Our Patented Technology allows those patents with (MSD) and similiar diagnosis ie. Upper Limb Musculoskeletal Disorder.  Arthritis Parkinson,(CTS) Carpal tunnel syndrome can use our pocket-grinder with limited to no outside assistance. It is simple to use Flip the grinder and load the flower it. Click it power button to start. Hold with two-three fingers and Shake it. That's it. 


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